Wednesday, April 16, 2014

These Four Classic Dog Tricks Are Fun and Easy

Your dog is an amazing companion, and they truly believe that you are the most amazing person in the world. Because of this deeply-held belief, dogs are willing to go above and beyond for their owners, and that includes repeating tricks. Dogs are natural entertainers, and they love to please their owners. With a little bit of skilled training with an electric dog collar you can easily teach your dog these five simple tricks. It is important to remember that all dogs are different, and some dogs will pick up these tricks a lot quicker than others. You must be patient and you must remember to reward their progress often if they are going to continually perform their tricks for you.


This should be one of the first tricks that you teach your dog. Even very young puppies can pick this trick up quickly, especially if you train them properly. You should use a verbal command in conjunction with a nonverbal command as you teach them how to sit. When you first teach them to sit, verbalize the command and use your nonverbal at the same time. Since it is unlikely that your dog will respond right away to your command, you will need to show them how. There is a spot on a dog’s back that, when pinched, will make them sit. It does not hurt your dog to do this, and they will immediately understand the command that you have given. The spot is just before their tail, on either side of their spine.


“Shake” is another easy trick, though it may require a bit more patience than “sit.” First, command your dog to sit. Once they have responded to your command, you can reward them as you normally would. Now, extend your hand as the nonverbal command and instruct them to shake. Again, it is unlikely they will be able to understand the command right away, so you will have to show them. Take their paw in your hand and use your verbal command again. After enough time and repetition, they will understand the command and will shake your hand immediately.

Roll Over

Some dogs may have a bit of difficulty with this one, but with a bit of time and energy on your part, your dog will be rolling over in no time at all. First, command your dog to lie down. You should have already decided on your nonverbal command, so use it in conjunction with your verbal. If they do not respond, take your dog’s front leg and gently roll them over while saying the verbal command. At first, they may be a bit resistant. Do not be forceful with them, as they will only become nervous. Allow you dog to trust you by working up to it slowly. When your dog is not resistant, roll them all the way over and reward them after they do so.


This is a little twist on “play dead,” and it is very easy to teach after your dog has already learned to roll over. Tell your dog to lie down again. Take your thumb and forefinger and say “bang!” Then, simply move them onto their side and instruct them to stay. This will take some time and patience, but it is an adorable trick when it is completed. With a little perseverance, your dog will be entertaining you with a wide array of easy tricks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teaching Kids How to Clean and Organize

Ahhh .. some kids (or maybe most of them) are just not fond of cleaning up after their play. For a lot of parents, teaching kids how to clean and organize their room is really a challenge to do since they always rely on their parents or their househelp to do the task for them. However, they really need to learn this task so they can be responsible.

Most of the times, parents force them to clean and organize to the point that they argue or fight over this task that often resulted in crying, shouting, scolding and even giving the kids sanction or punishment. Kids need to grow up and learn how to do things on their own for they can't be with their parents all their life.

Talk to your kids about this responsibility at home and tell them how important it for them to do it. Show your kids how to clean up and organize and for sure in no time they will have the hang of it. Give them rewards like paper stars, their fave food, a trip to the zoo and other simple rewards that can encourage them.

Tools for cleaning and organizing can be very helpful as well. There are clear plastic containers available where they can put their toys after play or their writing tools. Colorful containers with characters or other designs can be used. Trunk Chest and other similar containers or lockers can be a good place where they can put all their belongings. They can even put labels or stickers on those storage boxes to make it more fun

Let them do the clean up and storage so that when they also need something they know where to get it. Lastly, always remind them that task if you know that they are forgetting it again and always give them support and encouragements.

Laptop: a Graduation Gift

Two of my nephews graduated this year from highschool and their parents are very happy and proud of them because of what they have achieved. They survived 4 years of highschool life learning and gaining educational experience. I know they have fond memories of their higshchool life and they will forever cherish them until they alive because for me and maybe for a lot of us, HS life are the best and worth remembering.

As a graduation gift, my nephew Dither got this beautiful HP laptop from his parents just a week ago. He has done great in highschool for he has good grades and even received numerous awards and certificates. He definitely deserves to have a gift for all his hard work.

He'll be replacing his old handdown laptop from his cousin and will use this new one for his studies in college soon. I just pray and hope that he will use this with care and responsibility for it can really help him with his studies and research.
This coming school year of this year, both of my nephews will embark into a new journey of their educational life as they will form a foundation for their careers in the future. Dither will be taking up Computer Engineering and we all know that he will be good in his studies for he is studious student and I hope he will carry that trait up until his college days.

Wishing him all the good luck and hope he'll gain more experience (this is for sure!) in college.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why parental control for internet is necessary?

Watching over children is a never ending story as far as parental responsibility is concerned. Over the decades parents were worrying about their closest and were trying to control them to keep them safe. One thing that is changing constantly in terms of threats that youth can be exposed to, are the types of the danger. About 50 years ago parents were worrying mainly about the education of their kids, about their manners or if they looked properly. Two decades ago the problem was more about bad influence that the environment could have on their children. Nowadays the problem is much more serious. First, because of the fact that all previous risks are still relevant and the second, because the age of globalization and computerization brought new threats that can have serious impact on the youngest’s physical and mental condition.

What are nowadays threats?
Recently we can speak about the trend among young people that is about being constantly online. It is nothing dangerous itself but it is strictly connected with purpose of using the internet. If the kid is searching websites in order to get some knowledge for school course or is just interested in some case, it is absolutely proper way of usage the web. Situation is completely different when kids treat internet as a place where they can do whatever they want to keeping in mind that nobody controls them. Then a lot of really bad things can happen. Every day children can accidently or not enter into demoralizing websites with pornographic content, brutal sites full of violence, humiliation and pedophilia. Children that are exposed to some of those issues can grow up as a mentally ill people that may have really big problems in the future. Very often young people become addicted to the Web and cannot normally exist without it.

How to fight with those threats?
At the beginning as with every problem concerning children, first step should be always education. Parents should try to educate the kids in order to raise their awareness about dangerous things. It can be done by an honest talk, showing how things should be done and what to avoid. Parents should build a respect and use it to become a role model. Next tier is school education. Education system should root real life values in the pupils. Teachers should also be very sensitive about every violation of those values and react immediately. After the education process, the next very important issue is control. Kids sometimes do not take into consideration what parents and teachers are trying to teach them. Of course trust is very important aspect of relationship between kids and parents but sometimes some strong reactions have to take place. Very good example of controlling that doesn’t affect the relationship could be parental control software. At least in this sphere parents and teachers can be 100% sure that the kid will not do anything wrong.  Kid may be even not aware that software is blocking web pages that consist of inappropriate content. Software like this is also able to put filters on email box or even allow to use the computer only in particular hours.

If you want to gain some knowledge about parental control software visit:

PCWebControl is a software that introduce very practical and easy to use tool to set up parental control on home PC or laptop, school and corporate computer devices.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Graduates

Another year has passed and students have learned new lessons and have gained new experiences. Two of my nephews graduated from Highschool this year and we are so proud of them.

One graduated with second honors while the other one has several "best"certificates because of his exemplary achievements in extra curricular activities for his school. It was indeed a happy moment for all of us when they graduated last March and now they are going on a new path coming school year 2014-2015.

Dither passed 2 university exams but he is set for enrollment on his preferred Uni this coming April 21st. He will be taking up Computer Engineering course while Hans on the other hand, is not yet prepared on what course he will be taking.

I'm wishing them all the good luck and may they continue to study harder when they are in college soon to earn a degree that they want.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Taking up Business and Music Management Course

My niece came home from Sydney last week for a short vacay here. I've been accompanying her to various places to shop and dine. We had a pretty hectic schedule but I was more than glad to be with her all the time eventhough it was tiring. We had a great time and we're close more than ever. I've been advising her on some life issues and she's open arms to hear all what I have to say and I hope that she'll listen because it's for her own welfare.

We've been to quite a lot of stores and shopping malls to shop and have some fun. Just last weekend, before she fly back to Sydney,I accompanied her to a music store to check on some guitars. Actually, she is looking for a nice acoustic guitar that she can use back home as she is studying business and music management at the University.

The salesmen are accommodating enough to show her different guitars and that includes acoustic and telecaster fessler guitars. My niece is just a novice guitar player and wanted to learn more. Here you can see she's trying out a guitar but she's picky and pickle minded on what guitar she really wants.

Short Vacation with Family

Yay.... we're back home after a short but sweet vacation at my dad's hometown in the north.

My sister and her hubby plus my other niece came home from Riyadh and Sydney last week for a short vacation. We traveled to Tarlac Wednesday early morning at around 4pm and arrived there at 8:30 am to attend the fiesta and coronation night. We stayed there until Friday afternoon.

I'll be posting more pics and share more stories about our short vacay later....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

When Kids Use their Gadgets all the Time

A lot of teens are using their gadgets most of the times that sometimes we hardly talk to them anymore. It's sad most of the times especially when they are too busy playing games on their computers and other gadgets that they don't have much time to have a good conversation or laugh with their parents or siblings. I even see some kids using their gadgets while eating or when they are our dining and that is disturbing already. I wish their parents can teach tell them no gadgets while eating because all activities have its own time.

There's an instance while we are dining out with family when I have to remind my own nephew to just take his earphone off his ear and just talk and mingle with his cousins. He seems to be so uninterested with what is going on so just listen to music can take his boredom off. There's no wrong in entertaining yourself  but if you are with your friends or relatives, I guess it's just a respect not to use it for long.

Isn't it disrespect when someone is talking to you and you have a loud sound on your ear? I bet most of the kids are not listening or didn't even know that someone is already talking to them.

Anyway, this teenage nephew of mine is always sound trippin' and I bet he'll trade going to the mall for he likes to be alone to listen and play. Ahhhh... I guess I need to buy him a Beats by Dr. Dre HEADPHONE from musicians friend for Christmas. but I'm afraid that he'll not stand from his pc anymore hehehe.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sickie Mom

Every time I see this photo it's sad to remember when mom got sick just a couple weeks ago. It all started when mom went home from our shop one night with severe diarrhea. I already knew that it was alarming because my SIL told me she was going to the comfort room for more than 6 times or more already. Mom told me that she only ate 2 bobs of corn for breakfast and after that she started to have a diarrhea.

Since she's already 81, it's already hard for her to manage that. I told her that we'll going to the hospital but she insisted that she is fine and I was already getting angry because she doesn't want to go to the hospital. When she vomited twice already, I already forced her and thankfully she agreed to go to the hospital.

We rushed her to the nearby hospital but the ER was jampacked with lots of patients. It's good that her diarrhea and vomiting didn't acted while we are there because for sure it will be a mess. The doctor examined her after around 20 mins of waiting and told us that she needs to be admitted because of possible low fluid /electrolytes in her body.

We agreed and later on she was admitted where dextrose and other medicines are given to her. Mom stayed for 3 days and up until now she is still recuperating for her stomach feels like bloated and sour.

I'm praying that her health will be stable now. She's still on medication for 2 weeks for some stomach pains and after that she'll return to her doctor for follow up.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vetting the Previous Owner of a Used Car

If you find a used Mazda 3 in Kansas City that’s being sold by the owner, it’s important to not only vet the car itself, but to vet its owner as well. Even if you find the used car at a dealer, if you look carefully you can find signs that will tip you off as to how the previous owner treated the car. Even though the previous owner will never touch the car again after you buy it, their impact on the car will be felt in a few ways.


One of the most important traits you want in a previous owner is cleanliness. Before a used car is sold, whoever is selling it is probably going to thoroughly clean it to make a good impression, but some things can’t be cleaned. Look for any clearly visible stains on the seat cushions. If there are a couple of obvious stains, there are going to be several more less obvious stains you’ll find after the purchase. Also, if the previous owner smoked, getting that smell out of the car is going to be near impossible. Unless you yourself are a smoker and don’t mind the smell, avoid a car that’s been regularly smoked in. If the seller doesn’t make any attempt to clean the inside or outside of the car, that should raise some red flags.


You also want a previous owner who took good care of their car. If you ask them vague questions about how they cared for their car, they’ll probably try to give you the impression that they took good care of it, whether they did or not. Instead, ask them specific questions like how frequently they changed the oil, what kind of oil the engine needs, or what the ideal tire pressure is. Simple things like not changing the oil or driving with deflated tires can lead to expensive problems in the future.


Finally, if you’re buying directly from the previous owner, you want to be sure that they’re being honest. If you feel at any point that they’re acting suspicious or withholding information from you, walk away. If they are upfront about any minor or even serious issues with the car, rather than leaving those things for you to discover on your own, they may be worth doing business with. So don’t buy a used Mazda 3 in Kansas City until you are fairly certain it is coming from a good previous owner.