Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ever dealt with MKV files?

Have you ever had to deal with this file type? Sometimes I wonder why the tech world confuses things and created a whole bunch of different formats to play a file when we can all just stick to one type of file. I miss the old days when any video you find can be played on any device. As you know I am a big fan of reality TV shows and recently I have found that a lot of my shows are available online in MKV format. As I expected, these files fail to play on my computer or tablet which is quite the bummer. I knew there had to be a solution as I noticed several users easily play these files.

With a little bit of searching I managed to find Movavi which is an MKV file converter. I tried a bunch of different software and even online websites that claim to convert my MKV files to something that actually works but I haven’t had luck until I tried Movavi. If you are looking to watch your favorite TV show or movie and it’s in MKV format, here’s a simple guide to get it to work on your favorite device.
•    Download the Movavi video converter from their website (
•    Once you open up the software you will find it is quite easy to use. If you are not the type to handle software that much it can be a challenge so let me guide you.
•    First you select “Add Video”
•    In the “Convert to” section you have to choose a video format. This can be a little tricky. Make sure you choose a file you identify. Generally, the mp4 file format is fine. If you would like to play your file on a portable device as well, Movavi gives you options to directly choose the file type based on your device. Choosing a file type compatible with a portable device will usually work on a desktop computer as well.
•    Next, you choose where to save the file. I usually save it on the desktop and then move it.
•    Once this is done, click “convert” and you are done!
On researching this, I found that MKV is actually a great file format because it can save size but may not be the best option as it does not work with many players.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Summer Activities for Kids

Hot hot summer indeed! Summer is here in our part of the world and it's never been hotter. Imagine 30-34C temperature everyday coupled with humidity equals to sticky day. Anyway, summer vacation means a lot of time for kids to do a lot of summer activities that they will enjoy. Encourage your kids to do other stuff aside from playing games online ad with their gadgets/ It's healthier if they can also interact with other kids.

 Let them choose what they want like swimming, arts and craft, singing, dancing or even playing musical instruments where you can also get gig bags for guitars if they are hooked into it. Doing what they love will make them enjoy what they are doing rather than imposing them a certain activity that they will hate.

Have fun and stay safe this summer.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Taking Advantage of the Profits to be made from Closeout Merchandise

Closeout and overstock merchandise offers small business owners a good way to make a profit. These inexpensive items are still quality products, but they are usually reduced in order to move quickly due to certain circumstances that arise in the marketing world.

Small businesses often buy closeout or overstock merchandise for their resale. If done properly, one can make a large profit from these items. The key is to buy merchandise customers desire such as products that didn’t sell due to economic reasons rather than being poorly made.

The best items to purchase include store closing and bankruptcy inventory, seasonal items, obsolete merchandise, or returned goods. A good way to search for these deals is to use closeout dealers like or area liquidators. Click here for additional information.

There are two main benefits when it comes to purchasing closeout merchandise. It is inexpensive and high quality. The sale items are usually much cheaper through a closeout dealer than if you buy direct. Prices are often reduced for clearance in order to move the product fast.

By taking advantage of overstock merchandise and closeouts from a reputable dealer, small business can turn a large profit. As long as they choose items for the right reasons and avoid poor quality products, these types of goods can help boost their sales by passing the savings on to their customers.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Shopping

I've been shopping and shopping and shopping already and I enjoyed it. My shopping list is almost done as I only have one more gift to buy for a goddaughter then after than I'm really done. It's always nice to shop on weekdays at the opening of the mall so there's less crowd and there are more stocks. However, I have to go to the mall this afternoon on a weekend because I need to buy a gift for one of my goddaughter that my SIL will see on Sunday at the province. I don;t see her often so I got her a special gift that I know she can use.

Of course, I got one for myself too. How can I resist 50% off on bags haha.. Talk about low EQ, I gave in to a new bag again!! OMG, I know my mom will freak out again when she'll see that. Oh well... at least I will give some of my old bags to my SIL or niece.

The nearby mall is having a midnight sale today and when I left, there are still many people coming in.. Wow... people are already buying all kinds of stuff for their kids and all. The toys section are always a hit! I happened to pass by the music store and there are also some people, maybe they are also looking for some musical stuff as gifts or for their own personal use. I will not wonder if Gibson 2015 Les Paul Less Plus guitars will be hot too because a lot of online and physical stores are having huge sales.

I looked into the file of gifts that I already bought and I know I will spend another whole day to finish wrapping them.... Shop now if you haven't started yet. Christmas is just 12 days to go!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Christmas Tree is Up

Finally, our small Christmas tree is up since last week. I didn't buy new tree and decors so I just have the old tree that we have for many many years already, in fact, I can't recall how many years already. The decors still look new so I didn;t bother to buy this year but I was tempted to buy when I saw some Christmas village and other cute decors at for department 56 whilst browsing online.

I have yet to finish  my Christmas shopping so I can wrap all the gifts for my family and friends. Well, at least I still have ample time to shop and warp all of them.

Ahhhhh.. Christmas is really just around the corner and with the cool breeze that we are having right now due to typhoon in the Visayas region it feels like it's gonna be a cold Christmas too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Export Quality Christmas Decors at Takara Arts and Crafts

23 more days and it's Christmas already !!! Have you decorated your place with decors already? and have you done your Christmas shopping too?

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping for gifts that I will give to my family and friends but have not yet set up our Christmas tree... yay! Mom already took the decors out of our storage room but my brother failed to bring it home last weekend. Hopefully, we'll have it set up this week.

Anyway, we were at a town fiesta yesterday when a friend of ours mentioned about Takara Arts and Crafts that sells export quality Christmas decors. It was just near our place but actually never knew that this place existed.. lol poor me..

So off we go to the place and there are heaps of decors of different occasions. Not just for Christmas but for easter, mardi gras etc.)

A friend bought that cute Santa Claus while another friend bought a lot of wreath and other decors. I wanted to buy those nutcracker guys and Santa but I still have many decors at home. Maybe next year.

The decors are nice and we got some good discounts!

Finding the Value

Jewelry is something that can be fake and look beautiful or real and not look like it cost anything at all. After a piece is refined, you might not know of the value of your jewelry. This is why you should have it appraised by a professional like Jewelers Refining Group as soon as possible.

One of the reasons why you might need your jewelry appraised is for the insurance. If you have something expensive in your possession, then you need to know of the value so that you can report it to on your homeowner's insurance policy. If something happens to the piece, then it will usually be covered in the event of a burglary or fire in the home. After the jewelry is appraised, you need to take the documentation to the insurance company so that the office has proof of the value. You might have what you think are diamonds and they are really just pieces of glass. An appraiser can examine the jewels to determine if they are real. This is important for those who have gold, silver and diamonds because there are a lot of fake pieces that are passed as the real thing.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Decorating and all

It's been about 2 years ago when I had the inside of our house re-painted and it took around a week for our painters to finish the job. It was a bit messy job as we need to move almost all the stuff that we have inside our bedrooms, living room and the kitchen. Some of the furniture are repainted as well and that includes drawers, closet , tables and chairs.

The house smells paint all over and it's sickening so I have to stay at my brother's place to sleep for few days until the smell fades. Not an easy task to do for our workers and it's also not an easy task for my pocket as well but the result was more than good. I'm pretty sure that it will take another 2-3 years again before I have it repainted again. Cleaning the walls with soft cloth to remove the dirt and some grime will help as long as it will not look awful.

Now that Christmas is coming once again, I'm itching to decorate the house but my budget won't allow me to do so. Our tabletop Christmas tree that is more than 5 years old will be put up and decorated this coming days. The trimming and decor will be the same again as I just can't throw the old ones.

What bother's me is the big drawer that I have in my bedroom. Opening and closing it is a challenge so my eyes are glued for soft close drawer slides that I can put in my drawer when I have it repaired. Apart from that drawer, my closet needs some adjustments too as it's overflowing with clothes that I have. I guess I have to sort out clothes that I will not use anymore so I can either sell them or give them away.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Puberty Stage

No longer a baby....... That is what my 11-year old niece is now.

At 11 years old my niece is still a child but wants to be a little lady already. Dressing up a little different for the past few months as she has been picky with what she wants to wear. She often come to me and ask for my suggestion or approval if her attire for the day (example church day) is ok and suits her.

With her long hair, a headband usually keeps it neat. She's more comfortable wearing leggings or jeans now instead of dress or shorts but I encourage her to wear dress especially at church time but she's not confident wearing such. I guess when she becomes older, she'll know that dress can be pretty on her too.

Her mom bought her baby bra last year because her young breast is showing up already. A sure sign that she is going to puberty stage is when she got her 1st menstruation about 3 weeks ago. It's new to her because most of her friends at school already experienced it already so she knows what to expect somehow.

It was at night time when she called her mom to show the little red spots on her underwear. She's calm and not afraid of what she saw because she is kinda prepared already. Her mom already taught her what to do, change and put her sanitary napkin esp. when she's at school. And as an aunt, I also shared some of my experiences to her when I had my 1st menstrual period too. Her 1st experience was not bad at all so I'm sure the next months when it comes, she'll be more prepared on what to do. 

Now, that she will  be experiencing puberty stage, I know there are lot of changes in her physical appearance, moods and other hormone changes. I know that her mom will guide her and with high hopes, I am wishing that she'll become a good little lady soon.

Learn How To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

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