Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fashionable Dresses for Women

Women love dressing up not just for looking their best but for others’ opinion as well.  Who wouldn’t want some good remarks about how nice the dress is or how good they look when they wear it.  In reality women love praises and don’t mind hearing them repeatedly especially if it’s coming from the man they love.  Well women have many reasons why fashion is such a big deal on them as if it’s one of the most important things in being a woman.

My corporate friend thinks that you can be fashionable in your work place especially when your field is in marketing and sales where you have to deal with meeting high ranking staff to promote your products.  You have to be smart and should look your best to get the attention of the person you’re dealing with.  Well as most working women have busy schedule it’s really a big help if they can get some of their stylish corporate outfit from online site that can provide them variety of dresses that matches the specific style they want.

It’s a different thing with some of the younger ladies as they want dresses for different occasions that they want to attend to.  They need fresher and carefree styles to match their age and whatever gatherings they need to dress up with.  They also need to get their dresses without going through the stores and malls as they’re always busy with their activities which make it so convenient to just visit https://www.stylewe.com/category/skirts-78 where they can find exactly what they need for a certain occasion or outdoor activities they may want to go to.  Browsing through Stylewe is also a great way to find good deals on quality dresses and accessories.  You can also follow their Instagram: for easy updates of their new dresses.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Emergency Medical Care

Getting regular medical care is a much for anyone that wants to have a high quality of life. Going to the same doctor on a regular is an important way to stay on top of your health situation and catch anything that may be going wrong with your body. It is a known fact that the earlier that a medical issue is caught the better the chances will be that it is taken care of.

Of course, there are emergency situations that are going to come up and need to be taken care of immediately. This could either be because they are life threatening or if they the pain is too excruciating to stand for the person. This is why emergency medical centers are available to anyone that is having a medical emergency. It doesn't matter what kind of medical coverage you have, an emergency room will have to treat you for whatever is ailing you. Here are some of the main benefits of having a quality stand-alone emergency medical center in your neighborhood.

1. 24 hours - These facilities are open on a 24-hour a day basis. This is true whether it is an ER in a hospital or if it is a 24 hr emergency clinic Cypress TX has to offer. It would be ideal to visit your regular doctor for most medical issues that you may be having. They can't be open 24 hours a day, though. Patients that need immediate care can get it at any time thanks to the great critical care medical professionals that work in emergency medical care facilities.

2. Wait time - Stand alone ER clinics do provide shorter wait times than ER rooms that are located in hospitals. This is because they are not as widely used and have a more dedicated staff.

3. Location - Because they are smaller, stand-alone emergency medical facilities are easy to build. This means that there more of them. You are much more likely to live close to a stand-alone emergency room than a hospital. This is one of the most important advantages that stand-alone emergency rooms bring to residents.

Stand-alone emergency facilities are usually privately owned. This means that they are more likely to work with different insurance companies that people may use. This can lead to lower copays and a bigger variety of services that are covered. Use a stand-alone clinic if you want shorter wait times and better coverage and care.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Get Better at Fashion Shopping Online: The Easy Way

Being able to shop for a lot of things online is a blessing for mums. We no longer have to make that trip to the grocery store or the mall just to pick up a few things, which means we can spend more time doing something else (like playing with our kids). However, online shopping can be a bit tricky, especially when you're shopping for clothes. These next few tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you get better at fashion shopping in no time.

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Shop Offline!
Unfortunately – or rather fortunately – the best way to get better at online shopping is by spending some time shopping offline. This is so that you can get a better understanding of what works for you. For instance, simple necklines suit me better than low-cuts or turtlenecks. I know this from trying different outfits at my favourite retail stores.

This is something you can master too. The more you know which cuts, fabrics and colours work best for you, the better you will be at shopping for fashion pieces online. The best part about it is that once you know what to look for, you have plenty of catalogues and online stores to go through. Finding gorgeous pieces that you can mix and match easily should be easy at this point.

Discounts and Payment Options
Another great thing about shopping for fashion pieces online is the wide range of payment options you can opt for. Some catalogues allow you to buy now, pay later; these catalogues are perfect for when you need a little black dress so badly and you don’t want to use your credit card for the purchase.
Aside from multiple payment options, there are also plenty of discounts to pursue. This is where online shopping can be very thrilling. You can find the same white shirt that you saw at a retail store for up to 80% off just by shopping online. Imagine the amount of money you can save!

Finding discounts is easy too. Some tricks to keep in mind:
•    Sign up for newsletters from top online fashion retailers. They usually send out special offers and discounts – including exclusive offers for newsletter recipients – regularly.
•    Use price aggregators and search tools to help you find more discounts.
•    Deal sites are your friends; they host a lot of coupon codes that can reduce the price of your next pair of shoes by a whopping 80%.

Read Reviews
One last tip I can give you is to take the time to read reviews. Reviews are great if you’re trying to figure out whether the item you want to buy is crafted well. You can also hear other online shoppers’ stories on how they mix and match the fashion piece with other items. Even better, you can avoid buying the wrong piece with the help of negative reviews.
Use these tips and you’ll be better at online shopping in no time. Soon, you’ll be adding gorgeous pieces to your closet without spending as much as you would when shopping at your favourite retail stores.

Monday, July 11, 2016

My New Released Digital Papers and Cliparts JennyL Designs

I've been so bus lately doing some graphic designing and had made over 20 new products. I'm into floral designing papers and cliparts and they are now up for sale at my ETSY shop.

Here are some of the floral digital papers and cliparts that I made.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

They are back!

My afternoon is not almost complete if I'm not able to watch this show Wowowin at channel 7. I find it corny to watch but it gives entertainment and at around 5 pm, I have nothing to watch so I was accustomed to watch it from Monday till Friday even if the game show is so noisy lol. Funny, I hate some of the hosts yet I'm still watching it haha.. The show has been jumping from one Tv station to another.. Been closed for a while and opened at new TV station and people are just so crazy about this show because it gives lots of money.

For 2 weeks it went off air once again to give way to elections and the host wanted a little vacation. So finally this week, they went on air once again in a new studio. The crowd went will again. The music which I guess uses state of the art equipment like that of Moog set the crowd into frenzy and wild atmosphere. They are so back. Now, my afternoons are filled with noise once again.. lol

Windows 10 upgrade?

I'm not too keen on upgrading right now. It just so happen that while I'm browsing for a new HP pc, all new models have Windows 10 installed already.

I have this HP pavilion desktop computer for almost 5 years now and it was really durable. It only got broke once when my harddrive just gave up. Thankfully, i have a backup of all of my files in my external harddrive or else i will  be crying on the floor already.

Since I'm a graphic designer, I use adobe photoshop and illustrator all the time and an upgrade needs a higher pc memory. I upgraded my CS3 to CS6 just week and I was so excited to use them only to find out that I need more memory on my pc to  be able to save heavy files. Yay.. that broke my heart.

I looked my old HP pc and I don;t think this 4GB memory can be upgraded again to much higher once bec. I think the motherboard can't allow it. Sucks... I am eyeing to buy another HP desktop with i7 processors, 12 GB memory (wow) and 2 TB hardrive ... and was worried if I photoshop and illustrator cs6 will still work on this operating system. I  need to find out first before buying new one later this year or probably next year. I am baffled.

To upgrade or not to windows 10?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Charming Decorative Figurines

Jim Shore figurines are exceptionally well made and bring warm memories of cherished characters that we enjoyed as children. These expertly crafted figures are delightful with their artistic portrayals made with brilliant and lovely artwork. They are wonderful gifts for anyone of any age to add to their collection and highlight their home d├ęcor. They are also a way of passing on the beloved figures and their stories to children and grandchildren who will be fascinated by them.

The charming and beautiful designs are in a classic folk art and country style and are available for a variety of occasions, to go along with a birthday theme, holidays, and special interests like angels, princesses such as Aurora and Ariel, fairies, and much more. The attention to detail is spectacular, and the whimsical nature of the Disney productions is beautifully captured in a form that can be enjoyed for many long years to come.

The Disney Traditions collection includes wonderful depictions of beloved characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Peter Pan, the Seven Dwarfs, and more. They bring a bit of Disney magic right into the home. For example, enjoy the beloved Belle dressed in a beautiful gold gown embellished in a quilt-like fashion in a scene showing the tender moment shared between her and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

And, of course, there is Mickey Mouse from the early one to the classic Sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia, and figurines showing the favorite little mouse evolving over the years. The magic figures let you go to Wonderland with Alice, join the “Hunny of a Bear” Winnie the Pooh and Tigger for a romp through the Hundred Acre Wood, visit with Minnie Mouse, or laugh with Donald Duck and Goofy.

Visit Coppins Gifts to see these unique works of art for yourself and learn more details on each one. Perhaps decide who should be the recipient of one or more of the figurines for an upcoming special occasion, or think of someone who collects such outstanding figures who would be thrilled to receive an addition to their hobby.

19th Wedding Anniv

These days being married for a long time requires a lot of sacrifices, patience and love. Not all married couples end up being happy and staying together for a long period of time.

Last Month, my sister in law and bro marked their 19th wedding anniversary and to celebrate we had a simple dinner at Max's restaurant near our place. As usual the food are delicious and we end up going home full and happy.

Happy anniv bro and sil !

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Essential Strategy Tips in Playing Force of Will TCG

Force of Will is one of the sought after game that was released early in the year of 2015 in the United States. At that time, most player have thought about how this game can stack up at the same time, why must they invest to this new trading card game.

In this article, you will be provided with some helpful tips that you can use whenever you are playing Force of Will TCG.

An instance card is commonly a normal spell and not a resonator, which could be played at any time of the card game as long as you acquire the mana. Bearing in mind that it could be used at any time of the game is essential for this maximizing optimal plays. You will find “Quikcast” resonators, which could be used while an instant normal spell is used. The ideal way to plan the usage of your mana is to manage of your turn as well as your opponent to be one turn blurred together.

Apart from the counters that will at all times be used on the turn of your opponent, you have countless of other instants. These might involve the banishment, bouncing, buffing, tapping as well as avoiding spells. In addition to that, you want to anticipate on casting on majority of instants for the reason that you just can never tell what your opponent is going to place on their next turn that will lead to the another Force of Will TCG tip..

Do not bargain your hand or make use of mana to your opponent. Keep in mind that as long as you have the vital cards into your hands  and at the same time, if the mana is open, then you could bluff it out. Furthermore, your opponent will need to create plays in accordance to those small factors.

Another tip for Force of Will TCG is that the main function of ruler prior to J-activating is creating up your mana. However, there are lots of rules together with secondary skills, which really be useful. Remember that this card game is not an ace to tell who could J-activate first. However, aggressive decks might pose some intimidation, which builds that kind of illusion. Moreover, this is not the type of game of who could J-activate first as much as the card game of who could play their resources more effectively.

Before you do it, you normally want to have a hand or filed, which supports the ruler. Perhaps, you don’t want to use your J-ruler to a field, which out drowns the ruler and at the same time, prevents it from utilizing its effects. This game acquires rulers also such as Pandora, a girl of the box, which flips to single enter ability. Thus, you want to ensure that you do it at the best time to benefit the most against your opponent. The perfect time will look different according on whom your opponent as well as the elements are creating up your fow starter deck.

Along with these few tips, perhaps, you have gained some important strategies that will make your Force of Will battle more successful and exciting.

New Store at Creative Market

I've been meaning to open a store at Creative Market since last year but I was hesitant at first. Feeling not confident enough that I will be approve so I set it aside for a while. I was little bit ovewhelemed and discouraged as I know that a lot of good stores are in their store.  However, when I browsed my online stores at ETSY and TpT, I know that I have good and quality digital papers and cliparts that I can boast.

With confidence and prayers, I decided to apply at Creative market last April 15 and 3 days later, I received an email that I can open my shop already!. I was dancing with joy. yey!

I opened my store at Creative Market last April 20 started with just 1 file uploaded. Up to now, I have been uploading my stuff there which I know will take sometime as I have over 300 products already. Add to my happiness, after 4 days of opening, i got my 1st sale.. yey.

See you at my store!